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Here is short list of some of the many cities where we purchase houses here:


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Before the arrival of the Europeans, the Mandan and the Dakota Native American tribes were the primary inhabitants of the area that eventually became the present-day state of North Dakota. The Mandan mostly lived on the river banks and were farmers. The Dakota were made up of some several sub-tribes which include the Sioux, the Santee, and the Yanktonai. The first European to make contact with these peoples was La Verendrye, who was accompanied by other French-Canadian traders in 1762.

Most of modern-day North Dakota initially fell under an area called the Spanish Louisiana starting in 1762. Forty-one years later in 1803 the United States acquired all that area west of the Mississippi River, including most of North Dakota, via the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. The other part of the future state was still part of Prince Rupert's Land, which was eventually transferred to the USA with the signing of the Treaty of 1818. The Dakota War of 1862 was one of the uprisings between the U.S. government and the Sioux tribe in the area, but the hostility was cooled down with the signing of the Treaty of Fort Laramie in 1868.

With an estimated population of about 190,000 residents, North Dakota was admitted to the Union on November 2, 1889, making it the 39th state. It covers an area of 70,698 square miles which makes it rank 19th based on land area covered. It is the 4th-least populous state with an estimated population of about 800,000 peopel that call it home. Driven by the motto; ‘Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable; it is known by various nicknames such as; Flickertail State, the Peace Garden State, the Roughrider State, Norse Dakota and the 701.

The state of Dakota is located in the Midwestern part of the United States and borders the states of Montana, Minnesota and South Dakota as well the country of Canada. N.D. falls under the Great Plains which is mostly covered by grassland, steppe, and prairie. The Red River of the North forms part of the border of this state with that of the state of Minnesota. The western side is mostly hilly while the northern side is known as the Badlands which is characterized by clay-rich soils and sedimentary rocks. The central part of the state is made up of Missouri Plateau and the Drift Plateau while the Red Valley River Valley covers most of its eastern side.

The state is endowed with various national monuments and beautiful parks such as the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. This park lies along the I-94 and is famous for its camping grounds which includes; the Cottonwood Campground, the Roundup Group Horse Campground, and the Juniper Campground. It is also in this park that you can find wildlife that inhabits the Great Plains such as coyotes, bison, prairie dogs, feral horses, and cougars. The Fort Union Trading Post preserves an ancient trading post where the Native American tribes conducted trade during the mid-19th century. The Huff Archeological Site shows the ruins of a village of one of the Native American tribes known as the Mandan. Other areas of interest include; the Knife River Indian River National Historic Site, North Country National Scenic Trail, and the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail among many others.

The city of Bismarck serves as the state's capital city. This town was recently ranked among the United States’ top 10 fastest growing small cities by Forbes magazine with a population of nearly 75,000 people. The Bismarck Municipal Airport is the major airline station within this city and its immediate neighbors. The Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park is the biggest attraction of the Bismarck-Mandan Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Residents here can attend various modern schools which are spread across all levels of education. The largest public university is the NDSU located in the city of Fargo. This university is known for its agricultural-based research extensions and doctoral research programs. Other public universities include; UND in Grand Forks, Maryville State University based in Maryville, Dickson State University in Dickinson, Minot State University in Minot, and Valley State University in Valley City. The largest private university is the University of Mary located in of Bismarck.

The state does not host teams that play in big four major professional sports leagues. However, there are some the minor league sporting action here which includes the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks which competes in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball, which is free of affiliations from the MLB. Another famous team here is the NAHL Bismarck Bobcats junior ice hockey team. Sports fans also are privy to NCAA Division I FCS football action with both the NDSU Bison and UND Fighting Hawks competing here.

The heritage and culture of this state are preserved through various museums and festivals. The North Dakota Museum of Art is known for its exhibitions of contemporary arts from this state and other parts of the world. The Fargo Theater is a modern movie theater that hosts events such as the annual Fargo Film Festival. The Empire Arts Center acts as a movie theater and also houses art galleries which are made up of paintings, metalwork, drawings, sculptures, textiles and ceramics. The Plains Art Museum is known for its vast collection of fine arts. The North Dakota State Fair is a uniting event that features a carnival, rodeo, auto events, livestock shows, special contests, and just plain family fun.

The state has a diversified economy with the largest player being agriculture. Other important economic sectors here include; food processing, petroleum, banking, technology, finance, and manufacturing. It is only in this state that you can find a bank that is owned and operated by the state; the Bank of North Dakota. Another major company belonging to the state is the North Dakota Mill and Elevator. This state has also been ranked consistently among the top states with the lowest unemployment rate, usually below 5%. The transportation system is well connected with I-94 running across the state from the East to the West and having the major airports of Hector International Airport, Grand Forks International Airport, the Sloulin Field International Airport, the Minot International Airport, and the Bismarck International Airport. Some of the largest private employers here are; Altru Health Systems, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Dakota, Bobcat Company, tButler Machinery, Imation Corp, Medcenter One Health Systems, Noridian Mutual Insurance Company, Liberty Tax Services, and Trinity Health.

When buying or selling a house here, the real estate closing agent will typically use a Warranty Deed to convey the title of the property to the new owner. For the deed to be legally valid, the document must include the property’s exact legal description, which usually comes from language within the property’s original survey. This state primarily follows the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) methodology when surveying the properties. The initial starting point for their PLSS is the Fifth Principal Meridian which uses lines originating from the old mouths of the Arkansas and St. Francis Rivers.

If you aren’t paying cash for the home and are instead getting a loan to buy the real estate, then understand that this state is primarily a lien theory state. This just means that the raw title of the property will remain as collateral until the lien is ultimately paid off. The most common document that is used here to secure the lender’s interest in the title is called a Mortgage.

If for some reason the borrower cannot repay the home loan, then the lender must go to court and start a judicial foreclosure which typically takes about 150 days to complete so long as it remains uncontested. During this process, the mortgage company’s attorney will also typically file a lis pendens against the property so that the public is made aware of the pending foreclosure. Once the judge rules in favor of the mortgage company, then the court will issue a final judgment of foreclosure and the property will either revert back to the bank or will be awarded to the highest bidder at the foreclosure auction. The laws that pertain to the foreclosure process here are mostly found in North Dakota Century Code 32-19-01 et. seq.

However, if you are a landlord that needs to evict a non-paying tenant, then you would need to reference the N.D. statutes of Title 47, Chapter 16 instead. Whereas if you are looking to become a real estate agent, then you would just deal directly with the N.D. Real Estate Commission, which oversees all the licensing of the agents and most of the implementation and enforcement of the North Dakota Real Estate Laws. Amongst other things, the main requirements to get a real estate license here would be to be at least 18 years old, complete at least 54 hours of approved ND real estate courses, successfully pass the written state exam, pass certain criminal background checks, be sponsored by a licensed N.D. real estate broker, and pay the various required licensing fees.

Renowned for its beautiful sceneries, low population density, high employment opportunities, national parks, and abundance of wide open spaces, it’s no wonder why so many residents think this state is a fantastic place to call home. Speaking of homes, if you happen to have one that you would like to sell, then we would be honored with the opportunity to purchase it from you. If the speed of selling your home is your concern, have no fear because we can close escrow very quickly. In fact, if you had only contacted Finally Sold ten days ago, your home could have already been Finally SOLD by now.


Some of the counties where we purchase properties in this state are: Adams | Barnes | Benson | Billings | Bottineau | Bowman | Burke | Burleigh | Cass | Cavalier | Dickey | Divide | Dunn | Eddy | Emmons | Foster | Golden Valley | Grand Forks | Grant | Griggs | Hettinger | Kidder | LaMoure | Logan | McHenry | McIntosh | McKenzie | McLean | Mercer | Morton | Mountrail | Nelson | Oliver | Pembina | Pierce | Ramsey | Ransom | Renville | Richland | Rolette | Sargent | Sheridan | Sioux | Slope | Stark | Steele | Stutsman | Towner | Traill | Walsh | Ward | Wells | Williams.

At Finally Sold, we buy most all single family homes in their as is condition. If you happen to have a property that you would like to sell, make sure you call us or fill out our short online form so that you too can once and for all get your property Finally SOLD!

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